I was living in Arizona in 2015 and I’ve always sold natural products/vitamins/supplements and would post them on Facebook one of the products that I was promoting very much was the CLEAN 9 that helps DETOX your body and loose up 9 lbs. in 9 days.

I came across a posting from Angie’s Academy and I noticed she was promoting Maderoterapia, and I thought to myself she could be a great client because her clients can help them self-detoxing their body and have better results. I set up a meeting with her told her about my product, I told her it was a wonder that her clients could see more result, but had not success what so ever, A few month went by and I kept seeing her ad and I just went and told her I was interested in learning and took the course and I asked her if she remembered me, she said you look familiar but I can’t recall from where/ I told her I was the lady who offered her the product to DETOX your body. She told me right there she didn’t buy it because she didn’t see any effect on me! I was like OMG!! So, I thought to myself if I am going to promote something I better start doing something about my look. When I met Angie, I was weighting about 195lbs. and my height is 4.11 so you can imagine I was very chubby promoting products to lose weight and beauty treatments.

I started doing Zumba twice a week but wasn’t seeing much of result, so I started taking my product CLEAN c9 to see if it actually worked, and to my surprise it did work, I lost about 7libs in a week and I got so excited!! I continued exercising more doing Zumba and cycling but I was sagging too much and my cellulite on my legs was terrible I couldn’t put shorts or a bathing suit. So, I started doing Maderoterapia/WoodRelax on myself. The first time I did it omg! it was painful, but after I felt my stomach and legs amazing! So, the pain is worth it! LOL… And that gave me more confidence to promote the service I was going to give.

Now I feel 100 percent confident it works! Is just a matter of being consistent, have determination and work as a team player to have the results you want. Today I can say that at 41 I feel and look better than I did at 38.