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Wood Therapy + Body Contouring

Prices With Heide

Lymphatic drainage, fat reduction from stomach and back. Redefines waistline.

Corset : $95
5 Sessions $425


Lymphatic drainage, fat reduction from stomach, back and hips. Redefines waistline, reduces cellulite and enhances buttocks.

Hourglass :$110

5 Sessions $600


5 Sessions $475

Full body: $170



Relaxes your feet with a tangerine scrub and a menthol mask.

Wood therapy stimulates lymphatic drainage, eliminates toxins, speeds metabolism, breaks down cellulite and burns fat. Each session leaves you feeling detoxified, relaxed and ready for swimsuit season.

Marine Detox

30 Minute B3 Infrared Sauna, Seaweed Wrap, 1 Body Part Madera Therapy $125

1 Sessions B3 Infrared Sauna, Seaweed Wrap, Full Body Madera Therapy $250


Our Marine Detox helps detoxify and eliminate harmful toxins in the body, increasing circulation and boosting immunity, while easing water retention and providing immediate slimming effects. We start by applying our all-natural coffee and chocolate scrubs to ease pain and inflammation followed with an osmotic marine wrap which helps to extract toxins from the skin. After the marine wraps are applied, Infrared Sauna Session helps you sweat out the toxins as you relax in the heat. We finish your treatment with Madera lymphatic massage, manually moving the lymph nodes to further eliminate toxins and reduce the appearance of cellulite.


Chocolate or Coffee Body Scrub $50 full body

Hot and Cold Wrap $25 each area of treatment

Plaster Therapy $45

Presotherapy $40

Heat Belt $20

Butt Cupping  $40

Sauna $25